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The 2004 Topps Heritage is the retro set for the 1955 Year. The cards have a horizonal design front and back. There is a large portrait and a smaller action picture. 
    They are all Short Print Cards (SP)

      2 Garciaparra 
 401   B. Pena
 403   Kyle Sleeth 
 404   Javy Lopez 
 406   David Ortiz
 407   P. Martinez
 408   Hee Seop Choi
 412   Branyan
 415   C. Pena
 416   Rodriguez
 418   Berroa
 420   Scott Podsednik 
 421   Omar Falcon 
 424   Al Leiter
 425   Derek Jeter
 426   Mark Mulder 
 431   Brad Sullivan 
 438   Luis Matos 
 442   Austin Kearns
 444   Neal Cotts 
 445   Jeff Bagwell 
 450   Lyle Overbay 
 451   Rafael Furca
 456   Brandon Phillip
 457   Miguel Cabrera
 464   Sean Casey
 465   CC Sabathia
 466   Rickie Weeks
 469   Kevin Brown
 471   Ben Sheets 
 473   Mike Piazza

2004 Topps Heritage Inserts
  I have the CHECKLIST, the FLASHBACK, and the THEN & NOW insert sets complete. I also have some NEW AGE PERFORMERS. To complete that set I need .. 2  3  5  8  9  10  11  13 

I would like to have at lease 1 (one) from the other insert sets but I know that is a dream.

I have about 800 base cards to offer from the base set. 

2004 Topps Heritage Dupes

I Have them listed on Trading Cards Data base under the user name
  This being 1955 there is a new team in Kansas City  and one less in Philadelphia. The Athletics move, and then again in 1968 to Oakland.

  The A's are the 3rd team to move. A team has left a city where they shared it with another team to another to be alone.

1952 Boston Braves move west to Milwaukee, WI , then Atlanta in 1966
1953 the St Louis Browns move EAST to become the Baltimore Orioles
Then in 1954 Philadelphia lost the A's, and there are still those that miss them. as shown here